Monday, January 23, 2012


Degas is best known for the ballet dancers and beautiful race/polo horses. The thing they have in common is grace and motion. Told the class they get to "step into his painting." I used the ballet steps idea below. (THEY REALLY LIKE IT) Then passed out paper. Told them to lightly divide in 4th's (see above). I talked about 2 dimensional drawing briefly  (one dimensional is a stick figure). Passed around ballet clothing to see what tulle feels like and how it makes ballet dancers costumes hang and add movement. Had students come to the front of the room and hold or dress up in ballet type clothing (fairy wings too). Gave a few mintues to do their best 2 dimensional sketch. (Hurry - this takes quite a bit of time!) Then had fill in with pastels...showing them that the closest colors on the rainbow blend best, opposite colors on rainbow make things stand out. While they were coloring I told facts about Degas life and about the painting. Lightly erase the dividing lines and draw in something like a tree -or like the painting, a mirror. See how the picture begins to come alive! Since the dancers were on a break I gave what every dancer needs on a break - a drink! (small size sierra mist - they enjoyed it.)

This handout says:
Teach the first basic 5 steps of Ballet. I copied and handed out with a piece of chocolate. Both boys and girls LOVED doing this. Mention that football players take ballet for the development of muscles used for quick turns and movements!

Monday, January 16, 2012


My lesson Plan for “I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold”
1)      I played pin the fireman hat on the dog. I had a party poster from my son’s birthday party.
2)      I wrote on the back of each hat facts about the painting or the artist.
3)      I had one hat for each kid in the class (and a few extra just in case).
4)      Each kid came up and got a turn.
5)      I would read and explain the fact on each hat.
6)      After that, I had a kids fireman book that the teacher read while I went to go see if Gilbert Fire Dept. had arrived with a fire truck.
7)      The fire dept. taught the kids a few safety tips (i.e. wear helmet, stop/drop/roll)
8)      Then each kid got to walk through the fire truck
9)      It was really fun!

Enjoy! Dawn

Friday, November 18, 2011


Georges Rouault
     (Roo - oh)


5th Grade Houston Elementary Art Masterpiece

There are more ideas in the packet located in the library.  The packet includes laminated magnetic word stripsand a brown paper bag clown cardstock idea.